Who’s learning from who?

Words by Suz Rogers, Co-Director, HBCL

A few months ago, I posted about our new dog, Marshmallow (Marsha; on the left in the photo) regarding addressing her habit of destroying TV controls.

We have lost one more remote control that way, due to a human lapse, but she’s been gradually getting the idea of what things to eat/chew and what things not to and we have been getting better at setting her up for success.

We adopted Marsha as Pebbles is getting old – 15! Pebbles is meant to be teaching her about being a calm, well-adjusted dog, but it’s not quite working out like that in all areas. Marsha has taught Pebbles how to fling toys and pounce on them like an arctic fox, and generally act like a young puppy again, and Pebbles has taught Marsha how to howl! It reminded me, once again, that learning from each other is so powerful – at HBCA/HBCL we feel so strongly about co-creation, collaboration, learning from people and organisations, and the importance of peer support. Not being able to predict what we’ll learn from each other is part of what makes the process so insightful.

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