Who We Are

Human Behaviour Change for Life (HBCL) - we are passionate about applying the science of behaviour change to issues affecting humans, animals and the planet we live on.

Our Story

We are Human Behaviour Change for Life (HBCL), a team of human behaviour change specialists, experts, and support staff. We have a vision, geekiness, and endless enthusiasm for our belief that to create effective positive change for our planet we must consider the behaviour of humans themselves.

Our journey began with a shared passion for improving the wellbeing of animals and humans. This drive shaped both our professional and personal lives and finally led us to the understanding that one of the most significant challenges people and organisations face is delivering change. This realisation resulted in a deep fascination with behavioural science that would influence the way that we approached our work to this day. The use of human behaviour change (HBC) is now firmly embedded into our practice, and we have gained a wealth of experience practically applying the science of human behaviour change to animal welfare.

Founded by Suzanne Rogers and Jo White in 2016 following the success of our first international conference on HBC for Animal Welfare, Human Behaviour Change for Animals (HBCA) registered as a Community Interest Company. Since its beginnings, HBCA has grown to include a team of specialists, and together, we have worked with numerous clients bringing human behaviour change techniques to improve the welfare of animals and the lives of animal owners and carers across multiple continents, species, and social demographics.

After several years of success through Human Behaviour Change for Animals (HBCA), the systemic nature of our work became increasingly clear, with much of it overlapping into human health and wellbeing, and the environment and conservation. This overlap naturally led us to think about the interconnected world that we live in. We live in a system where our behaviour has an impact on our world every day of our lives, for good and for bad.


How We Work

HBCL provides actionable advice to understand human behaviour and the science of human behaviour change. We partner with our clients to design and use evidence-based solutions that lead to positive sustained change for specific challenges and issues. We work with senior decision-makers to embed behavioural science and practice into the core of what they do, so that their teams and their clients can benefit from its application and use. It is our goal to make behavioural science inclusive and useful for individuals, business leaders, NGOs, policymakers and practitioners on the ground.

We work as a team to deliver our consultancy, research, and education activities. For each project, we bring together people with the most relevant skills. This approach means that our clients receive input from multiple specialists with specific expertise relevant to their work, without having to coordinate the team themselves – a ‘one-stop shop’. If you would like to learn more about how to get involved with HBCL, either as a team member or a client, please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.

“The team is knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic, and so they really are great to work with. I particularly enjoy the chance to sit down and brainstorm with them, as our different areas of expertise make for a really interesting session.”

Helen Lambert, HBCL Specialist


Core Team

Specialist Team

“Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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